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Does your carpet have unsightly waves throughout, brown or red spots, animal torn areas or pet urine mishaps? With your carpeting in this condition is a constant reminder (not to mention the obvious eyesore) that maybe it’s time to give your carpets a little "TLC" with a professional carpet repair job from Bob A Haines Carpet Repair. You may have possibly considered just investing in new carpet as a resolution to your issue, however, spending thousands of dollars isn’t necessarily feasible for the majority of homeowners.

You may have become fed up and just pronounced your carpet DOA and lifeless but (dependent upon the shape of your carpet) professional carpet cleaning, carpet re-stretching, stain removal, deodorization, bonded inserts and re-seaming, and specialty spot dyeing are all possible remedies to your carpeting woes. The real question always is, “Can my carpets be salvaged?” The short answer is best provided by the experts at Bob A Haines Carpet Repair. A FREE in-home estimate can easily be arranged to decide what actions are ideal in order to improve the appearance of your carpet. Luckily, more often than not, a carpet can be professionally cleaned and/or repaired to look fantastic at a fraction of the cost to you.

Flood Damage - Carpet Re-installation in Northern Kentucky

Perhaps the worst nightmare most property owners dread is a flood, be it the result of plumbing failure or even worse, natural disaster. Hopefully, you haven't been the unfortunate victim of flood damage, if you have there are a number of processes and procedures you could follow on your way to mitigating the flood damage. But none of those should be considered given that this is your home and not something that is a do it yourself kind of situation. The professionals at Bob A Haines Carpet Repair know exactly what to do.

The flood damage restoration process is a critical one. Performing the right procedures and having the correct materials can help people salvage cherished belongings and even more important, prevent their homes from being condemned. It can happen, we've been doing this a long time and have been witness to it. Bob A Haines Carpet Repair specializes in reducing the effects of water, however, the success of complete water damage restoration depends on the severity of the damage and the amount of water in the home that caused the damage. Bob A Haines Carpet Repair will assess a property and choose a water damage restoration plan. We only use well-documented procedures and high-tech equipment to repair water damage. Got flood damage in basement areas? Luckily that may only require a short restoration process, but damage in other areas of a home may require extensive remedy procedures.

If you’re in the Northern Kentucky metropolitan area it is paramount that you call or email Bob A Haines Carpet Repair as soon as possible after flood damage occurs. Time is of the essence. Moisture undoubtedly assists the growth of harmful mold and other organisms, no doubt increasing the risk for serious, sometimes fatal health problems. Mold exposure can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, typically in children and those with compromised immune systems. Obviously, exposure can also multiply the risk for respiratory diseases and other unfortunate medical problems. So cleaning up immediately will help reduce the health effects of water damage on everyone in your family's home or your business' commercial space.

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